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Security Consulting

Security and Portective Serivces

Compliance and Investigations

Protecting your assests, at home or your corporate assests is an investment every person or business must do.  


Lands End Security will do a full security analysis to determine where your risks lie.  We will work to create a strategy to keep your family, employees or assests as safe as they can be.


Security is knowing you've done your due dilegence to keep you world safe from harm, whether it be safety hazards or protection from the criminal element.  

To offset the risk of loss, danger and harm Lands End Security is there to serve.  The world can be a dangerous place, having trained professionals who can identify risk and recommend security strategies, help implement strategies and safeguards to counter the threat is a sound strategy to any business or home.

Regulatory standards are in place for many businesses and corporations to ensure that businesses are run to the letter of the law.  At times, a company might be questioned on these standards, Lands End Security can perform detailed investigations to ensure your business is following the law.  Lands End Security can also investigate internally to help ensure employees and representatives of the company are following regulation.


Security Systems and Infrastructure

Cyber Security

Business Continuity and Emergency Response

Is your Security System up for the challenge?  Do you worry about potential lapses in safety, security or corporate compliance measures?  Let Lands End asess your current Security measure and see if they meet our standards.

Protecting data and intellectual property that is digitally stored is of the utmost importance in today’s business. A breach in cyber security can result in the leak of confidential and sensitive material which can negatively affect both the business and its customers. Lands End Security can help identify weaknesses you may have with cyber security and offer solutions to enhance then systems in place.

We hope your business never faces an emergency, but if it did, would you be prepared? Lands End Security professionals can help you create action, communication, implementation, and recovery plans that will help your business through challenging times and guide you back to normal operations.

Corporate Services

Many steps go into securing the work environment and protecting corporate assets. The professionals at Lands End Security can help guide you through the overwhelming process of ensuring your business is protected to the fullest.  

We handle background checks on employees and security when terminating employees.


Raymond S. Mey is a Director of Lands End Security. He is an internationally recognized law enforcement and security professional with extensive experience in counterterrorism investigations, major event security, crisis management and hostage rescue. Mr. Mey's distinguished 23 year career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) included assignments with 3 FBI Field Offices, FBI Headquarters (FBIHQ) Counterterrorism Division and 4 overseas Legat Offices. Mr. Mey held several key leadership positions during his FBI career, including FBIHQ Terrorism Supervisor, Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) Supervisor, Assistant Inspector In Place, Assistant Special Agent in Charge, and Interim FBIHQ Counterterrorism Division Section Chief.

Mr. Mey is a 9-year veteran of the FBI's elite Hostage Rescue Team (HRT). During his tenure on HRT, Mr. Mey held a variety positions, including Assistant Team Leader and S-3, Training and Operations Officer. Additionally, Mr. Mey is a FBI certified SWAT Instructor, Hostage Negotiator, Crisis Management Coordinator, Defensive Tactics Instructor and Certified Police Instructor.

Most notably, Mr. Mey was appointed in 1998 by former FBI Director, Louis Freeh, to the position of FBI Manager for Counterterrorism Planning and Operations, supporting the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. The FBI was designated by Presidential Decision Directive (PDD) 62 to lead all federal counterterrorism investigative, crisis management and hostage rescue efforts supporting this prestigious event.

Upon his retirement from the FBI in 2006 through 2009, Mr. Mey served as the Security Advisor to the 2016 Chicago Olympic Games bid. Additionally, he has continued to provide extensive Security and Crisis Management related consult and training to numerous Fortune 500 companies and governments throughout the world. Mr. Mey currently provides specialized instruction and consultation on behalf  Security Consultants International Corporation (SCIC) and the U.S. State Department Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program.  Additionally, Mr. Mey provides civil and criminal litigation support as a court certified expert witness on security related matters.

Mr. Mey is the recipient of several FBI distinguished service awards, including the FBI Medal of Bravery and the U.S. Department of Justice Medal of Merit. He holds a Bachelors Degree (BA) in Sociology/Psychology from the University of Rhode Island and a Masters Degree (MA) in Psychology from Rhode Island College.

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