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Home watch / Estate property Management


What do you do?

We provide a full exterior/interior inspection at random intervals: (complete exterior visual walk-arounds) Check all exterior doors, entry ways and windows. Make sure all exterior entrances to property are secure and look for signs of intrusion or vandalism. Inspect roofing and siding for signs of damage, loose shingles, ice dams, cracked/open windows, etc… Pick up Flyers/Mail/Newspapers- gather up anything that might make it look like the house is unoccupied. Check exterior lights for signs of damage and confirm operationality. These inspections are detailed, checking each room, floor by floor. 


Time is of the essence: We promptly respond to situations we encounter- whether it be storm or pest damage, a leaky water pipe or a malfunctioning heating system.

Grounds and Property Management

Meet deliveries, and repair and service providers

Interior/Household Responsibilities


We pride ourselves on a personal level of service leaving you rest assured you can trust who is checking on your home and contacting you immediately.   

Vehicle Maintenance- Managing the principal’s fleet of vehicles, watercrafts, and grounds equipment 

Staff, Vendor, and Contractor Management- Oversee/Recommend Reputable vendors, contractors, landscapers, etc. 

Extensive Gardening Experience -Master Gardener Certification

Oversee guesthouses, pool houses, pools, hot tubs, gazebos, sporting courts, and entertainment areas

Winterizing the property and preparing for inclement weather (e.g. hurricanes) and other emergencies

Knowledge of markets prices in the area for regular services and projects to provide financial and budget oversight for his or her employers

Ample experience in overseeing the facilities in the home to include HVAC, plumbing, painting, audio/visual, alarm systems, roofing, oil burner service. Knowledge of all the home’s systems and troubleshooting.

Transportation, Security, Valet

Event Preparation & Support

Snow Removal

Appliance failures

Mold issues (exterior/interior)

Storm/wind damage

Pet infestation

Owner- “Did I close all the windows, is the yard being mowed, is there water in the basement, did the storm do any damage, have the pipes burst, is the heat turned up, is the AC on, did we set the alarm, I forgot to secure personal items, is the pool heater turned off, did I set the light timers, did I close the gate.”  

Who we are

We are a trusted family run business? Walter, Terry, Ray, Kirsten, Avery, and Charlie. Walter and Terry serve as primary and with the help of additional family when needed to ensure the continuity of service. Valuing the privacy of our clients is a must. Respecting the highest standard of trust while treating your home as if it was our own residence.

Concierge Services:

Lands End brings a plethora of additional services to our valued customers:

-Froward important mail to your other residence

-Pick up and secure the packages delivered while you are away

-Grocery shopping, filling up your refrigerator prior to your arrival

-Inspect battery chargers, drive your cars, organize their oil service

-Organize a home dinner with a Chef/Catering company/Server

-Dog sitting/walking

-Vehicles/belongings driven to out of state residence

-Organize a Lifeguard for swimming lessons or a pool event

-Vehicle/boat detailing

-Boat Operation


-Home decorating for the holidays or special event

-Setting up meetings/appointments/dinner reservations/tee time


We serve the towns of Newport, Jamestown, Middletown, Portsmouth, Little Compton, and Narragansett R.I. In addition we have staffing in Sarasota, and Naples Florida. 


- “We called Walter last minute on Christmas Day as one of our glass doors came off the hinges during a typical Northeast storm. We were unable to make contact with anyone else while our living room was being destroyed by the high winds and rain. Walter, with the help of his son, came to the rescue. Within an hour they had the door back on the hinge and secured. We don’t know what we would have done if it was not for Walter.”

Jane O, Newport, R.I.      


- “I contracted a reputable property management company from Newport, R.I. to manage our family summer home in Jamestown, R.I. This service was quite expensive and I never really knew who was checking our home and actually performing the work. In the summer of 2019, while speaking with one of the gardeners, I learned that the painter inside my home had a long criminal history of breaking into homes on Aquidneck Island. Knowing Walter Mey was a retired local Detective from using his transportation business for years, I reached out to him for his professional advice. I quickly learned that many property management companies really have no background and lack the qualifications to perform the work I had thought they provided. Many of these companies sub-out the work to any company that offers the service at the lowest cost. Walter explained to me that most of the property management companies are reputable but the average homeowner is not aware that these companies quite often are getting kickbacks from the vendor and the majority of the time no background checks are performed on the people that are physically performing the work at your home. It was at this time I met with the property management company and they admitted to not knowing who the painter was in our home nor much about the painting company they had subbed. It was at this time I engaged with Land End Services. We could not be happier with this decision.”

Ralph & Joan P, Jamestown, R.I.              


- “Liz and I are thrilled to write a testimonial about Lands End. We first met Kirsten & Walter as we desperately needed to get from our summer home in Little Compton to our primary residence in New York City. I had just had leg surgery in Boston and I needed to get to N.Y. for a family emergency. Kirsten had a vehicle at our home within an hour and Bud, the chauffeur, got us to our destination safely. We now have a family get together each August and we have hired Avery & Charlie to serve our guest’s refreshments and lunch. Anything we need, whether it be some groceries picked up or a reputable contractor suggestion to perform work on our home, we rely upon Lands End.”

Ken & Liz D, Little Compton, R.I.        


- “We reached out to Walter when we had a problem with one of our vacation rentals in Middletown. Walter. with his local rapport within the community along with his professional background as a police officer, was able to quickly resolve the issue. Walter personally spoke to all the abutting neighbors and was able to mediate all of their concerns. We received one call after that and that was from one neighbor apologizing and thanking us for hiring Walter. We have since hired Walter and his brother to oversee all of our property needs both in Middletown and Naples. We recently held a wedding at our home and finally had the chance to meet Walter face to face. The event coordinator had hired Walter for security and transportation needs. Needless to say everything went perfect.”

Tom Buchannan, Middletown R.I., Naples, Fl

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