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Land's End is also the proud owner of Newport Jitney.  Our golf carts are licensed for local road use and can be used for tours or weddings.  Contact us for rates:  401-847-4883

Welcome to beautiful, scenic Newport! A city rich with history, landmarks, and sights to see.

Getting around town, especially in the summer months, can be a challenge as our city fills with tourists. Don’t waste a minute of your day in a stuffy taxicab or ride share car as they slink along the traffic filled roads.

Instead, Enjoy The Ride in Newport Carts!

No need to cram into a cab or ride share; or hire two cars to fit your whole party. Don’t miss the scenic view from one destination to the next.

Why Newport Jitney?

  • Enjoy the fresh air in our open air carts.

  • See all the sights! No tinted windows or doors to block the gorgeous views.

  • Do something different! Why ride in a car, like you do every day, when you can cruise around town in big cart?

  • Our carts are allowed on roads that cars are not. We know the island well and know which routes our carts can travel to avoid traffic.

  • Our drivers are safe, reliable, and experienced. Unlike some other transportation services, our drivers are held to extremely high standards for your safety and customer service.

Newport Jitney is a fun and unique way to get around town. Make your travel part of your Newport experience. Beat the summer traffic, enjoy the fresh air, see the sights and have fun!

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